The Vacant Lots

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The Vacant Lots


Available July 1, 2014 on Sonic Cathedral


With a minimalist aesthetic of rock n’ roll The Vacant Lots are bringing their hypnotic sonic assault with the release of Departure on July 1, 2014 via Sonic Cathedral. Blending an angular interplay of guitars and electronics with geometric-laden riffs on their debut LP, The Vacant Lots create their most compelling work to date.


The record was mixed and mastered by Sonic Boom at New Atlantis Studio in the UK and features Dean Wareham on guitar.


Opener, “Mad Mary Jones,” is a synthesis of adrenaline-driven guitars fueled with electronic and percussive intensity. “6 AM” is a sensory overload strobing with frenetic hypno-monotony set against a backdrop of controlled chaos, while “Make The Connection” contrasts ritualistic tremolo drones against Native American rhythms and spoken word lingering between the pendulum of The Velvets and Lautreamont.


Despite living in separate cities, there is a collaborative process to the songwriting and arrangement of tracks between band members Jared Artaud and Brian MacFadyen.


Throughout Departure, consistent themes of duality, loss and the human

condition are explored.


Since releasing three 7″ singles “6 AM” (Sonic Cathedral, 2013), “High And Low”/”Let Me Out” (RVRB Appreciation Society, 2012), “Confusion”/”Cadillac” (Mexican Summer, 2011) they have steadily refined their vision and readied their first long-player, Departure.