Suneaters II: Loving Relationship, available April 7, 2015, is a collection of earnest and sometimes caustic love songs. “Hey Bros!”, a bromance with a healthy dose of Satanic curiosity, resides amongst a pleasantly odd mix of playful and darkly passionate songs.


Sonically, Suneaters rightfully claim that long sought after territory between Hall & Oates and Thin Lizzy. While primarily drawing inspiration from Graham Nash’s “Songs for Beginners” and George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass”, elements of Bread, America, The Cars, Steely Dan, Slayer, Minutemen, INXS, Katy Perry, Lungfish, Liars, Al Green, Off!, Smog, and X frequently creep into their creative soup.


Suneaters consist of bassist/vocalist/Dadaist Scott Hartley, guitarist/vocalist Chris Garibaldi, progressive landscaper/vocalist/drummer, Chris Cardwell and music educator/guitarist, Michael Judd.