Sad Brad Smith


Sad Brad Smith


Available May 20, 2014


On Sad Brad Smith’s upcoming Magic LP, available May 20, 2014, Smith creates his self-described “uptempo melancholy psychedelic folk-pop with a defeatist literary bent.” His tongue-in-cheek approach to songwriting creates content heavy arrangements communicating with the active listener.  “There is poetry and there are concepts,” Smith explains. “All of the songs, at their core, are rooted in Americana and folk music but tray into stranger territory, with sonic embellishments that cast subtle psychedelic shadows of both cosmic joy and horror.”


After the success of his debut, Love is Not What You Need, Smith landed coveted critical acclaim when his single “Help Yourself” was featured in George Clooney’s feature film Up in The Air. Where as his debut was about integration of a relationship, his follow up expands his songwriting to the disintegration of the self with a broader reach into subject matter creating a record as a whole.


Recorded primarily by Matt Dewine at Pieholden Studios in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village, Magic features cameos from violinists Greg Hirte from Mucca Pazza and Chicago saltwort Mike Racky on pedal steel. The records’ title track “Magic” lends itself a mystical quality and an air of mystery while setting up the themes of the album: dreams, the mind, and disappointment embodied in the hazy religious undertones of the record, the ominous Idea of God. “Reason To Be” began as a break-up song, but quickly grew into much more as he blurs the lines through interchangeable symbolism and an overall feeling of the loss of a lover. The loss of faith. The loss of inspiration.