Sacred Caves

“the transition into more digital and rhythmic territory is very refreshing and insanely catchy.” – Surfing On Steam

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When they met at the abandoned Caves of California it had been a while since Greg Bertens and Nyles Lannon had last spoken, let alone gone on a trip together. Bertens, the founding member of the band Film School. Lannon, his former songwriting partner/guitarist, having released solo albums as n.Lannon and n.Ln. The two, long lost brothers in arms. They had gone their separate ways what seemed like ages ago, but telecommunications had brought them back with a few messages and a simple suggestion. Strange they would find themselves returning to this once popular destination, to rekindle their songwriting partnership and explore these caves.

Today, it’s still hard for them to explain what they found in there. Lannon says it was kinetic energy. Bertens says it was a complete idea. But whatever it was they brought it home with them, and through emails, FTP and Dropboxes connecting San Francisco to Los Angeles they formed songs. Their building blocks were hallucinatory-like formations of limestone, dolomite, marble, salt and gypsum, pounded together by rhythms and a harmonious pop sense. The tracks are entrancing and melodic, light and easy, deep and heavy, borne from below the earth’s crust. They are Poetic in the way they beckon you closer.

Sanctuarium (being released on hausKat records) is the Sacred Cave’s first offering, a mesmerizing EP that channels that mystical and awesome energy sought from something unknown, deep and deserving release. Expect a full-length album and more to come this fall.