‘EP 2’

Available June 6, 2014


Cinematic alternative pop duo Manicanparty were born with ideas of female empowerment and the importance of unity. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, by way of Minnesota, Jess (vocals) and Pat (production) create orchestral and terrestrial atmospheric compositions about togetherness (“Achilles”) and viewing the world from outside perspectives and cultural differences (“War Paint”). Expanding on EP 1’s exploration of their musical identity, EP 2 is guided by their internal struggles while taking the discovery of their musical identity and externalizing it of their personal experiences to make expressive, uplifting music, bringing together the best of classic and modern sounds. They draw on the same aural palette as many electro-pop artists today, but their classic sense of song craft, soaring vocals, and infectious rhythms set them apart.


EP 2is really about people. People in our lives and people that you hear about who aren’t directly in your life, but that idea that we are all tied together somehow.  We met the guys from Too Many Zooz when they were performing in the subway one day and we were inspired so we asked if they wanted to do a song together.  Then we invited 7 of our friends to sing back up and a number of other musician friends to play on the record (“Fools Gold”).  It’s incredible.  Different people coming together to create something that will hopefully have an impact on someone else.  That’s really what this project meant to us.  We wanted to create this music where when the song is over you were suddenly inspired or motivated to do something, in whatever form that is for you. That’s the great power of music.  Its universal and its strong enough to make a change.”