Las Robertas

“Their sound flawlessly switches between delicate and in-your-face all within the course of a song.” – NYLON Magazine

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Formed only a year ago, Costa Rican all-girl garage rock band Las Robertas has all the essential traits of a girl gang from the movies. The band’s epically named members Lola Miche (vocals), Monserrat Vargas (bass/vocals), Mercedes Oller (guitar/vocals) and Ana M. Valenciano (skins) make fuzzy, buzzy, straight-up rock and roll with a perfect mix of teenage sunshine and gritty, fearless attitude. Running the streets of San Jose in their car “Juancho” with their band-hound Perrito Caliente (Hot Dog, obviously), a black daschund who also frequently appears in band photos and videos, the four coltish teenagers simultaneously inhabit the youthful, innocent romance of their girl-group style harmonies and the feisty, off the cuff rebellion of their fast burning, guitar-driven sound. Just make sure to get out of the way if Mercedes is behind the wheel, as she, according to the rest of the group, “drives more like a Costa Rican cab driver” than a demure young lady, but nobody said anything about being demure.

All bruised knees and dirty sneakers, Las Robertas take their advice from the universe, counting Walter Mercado, king of Latin American astrologers, as one of their idols, alongside legendary rock gods The Jesus & Mary Chain, The Amps, The Breeders, Sonic Youth, and Black Tambourine to name but a few. They’ve made a splash in their home country, and proven in the same year that Costa Rica elected it’s first female president, that girls can rock just as hard as guys, and, honestly, they can rock a little harder.

With a collaborative writing method and am anything goes philosophy, the band is always working—even when they’re out and about, getting into trouble or staring up at the stars. When they’re not singing karaoke or eating Chinese food at San Jose dim sum staple Wong’s (where they can be found 3 or 4 times a week), Las Robertas are ushering in a new generation of girl-powered rock—with the attitude and skill of Kim Deal and Kim Gordon, and with a young, brazen, brand new boldness, and way cooler names, that make their music undeniable—undeniably awesome.