Head Over Heart



Head Over Heart

Tucson-based electro-pop duo is elated to announce the release of their video for “No Sleep.” Directed by critically acclaimed director Alex Italics, “No Sleep” takes the viewers on a dreamy voyeuristic voyage through the psychoanalysis of the protagonist’s id, ego and super-ego.

“When Jordan Prather and Belinda Esquer approached me to create a video for Head Over Heart’s “No Sleep,” I was immediately struck by the beautiful nervous paranoia of the lyrics, which lent themselves very well to a trip to a psychoanalyst’s couch,” recalls Alex Italics. “To compliment the band’s unique modern take on vintage synth pop, I chose to resurrect and repurpose the long-forgotten educational filmstrip, an archaic blip in technological history that went the way of the dodo as soon as VCRs became economically feasible for public schools in the 1980s.  Working primarily with still images was an interesting challenge, but the band’s exciting and cinematic arrangement seamlessly tied together the plight of the psychoanalysis patient with the unsettling voyeurism of the projectionist.”


The sonic landscapes of the southwest’s Head Over Heart are composed by Jordan Prather and Belinda Peters. “We don’t think “pop” is a dirty word and we think it can mean a lot of things,” explains Prather.  “For us, it means we write catchy music that is listenable. We’re not trying to make something weird or different for the sake of being weird or different.” Watch out for the band’s upcoming 7” release later this spring as well as a national tour culminating at Austin’s SXSW Festival.