From a Fountain


Milky Mile + Milky Mile Two

August + October 2013


Here’s the From a Fountain (auto)-biography:

My name is Douglas Kirby.  I’m 35 years old and grew up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  I loved it there – South Dakota has an incredible sense of community, shared-love, and enthusiasm for simple life.  I went to college in Colorado Springs, where I met my band – National Eye.  We moved to Philadelphia, in 2000, and recorded four albums.


From a Fountain is the name that I make music under.  From a Fountain really started in 2005 with Shale and Sandstone.  I’d been wanting to record a whole album on my own, and I needed a name to go along with it.  I was spending a lot of time at the Franklin Fountain, a Philadelphia soda fountain, eating ice cream – mostly marshmallow malts.  It’s nice to have a name – mine points to the fact that our creativity flows from another source.  I recorded Shale in 2005-2006 in Philadelphia, with cameos from our crew of Phila. musicians – members of Dr Dog, The Spinto Band, and assorted others.  Shale came out in 2010 on Park the Van Records.


Philadelphia wore me out.  After six years there, I moved back home to South Dakota in early 2007.  Immediately I started writing like crazy, brought back into contact with all the first-imagery that had filled me up as a child.  With friends, I rented a huge warehouse in an industrial park south of town – in Tea, South Dakota – and began recording there, in earnest.   These songs would become Milky Mile and Milky Mile Two, two separate albums due for an August and October 2013 release.


If Shale was about instruments, parts, and arrangements, the Milky Miles are about words.  All of it is extremely wordy.  I found solace in this, allowing phrases to blurt out next to each other, enjoying the jarring imagery, the raw expression and the delayed understanding of meaning. Sioux Falls was stirring up everything I had encountered out in wider America, spinning it sideways, and re-grounding it.  These songs capture the wild joy of wielding the skills I had learned with National Eye and my Phila. friends, upon returning to my beloved prairie home.


I left Sioux Falls in late 2008, moving to Joshua Tree, California.  I carried the twenty-plus “Sioux Falls” songs with me, with the goal of honoring them with total completion.  I began to refine them in a drafty, high-desert cabin that had a white Steinway baby grand improbably sandwiched into the living room.  In early 2009, I moved up north to Bolinas, California and put the finishing touches on everything in a farmhouse on a bluff over the Pacific.  Eighteen songs were mixed in 2010 by the Spinto Band’s Nick Krill.   Finally mastered in 2011 by JJ Golden, they became Milky Mile and Milky Mile Two.


From 2011 to the present, I’ve been living in West Marin County, California, recording and arranging a major, two-and-a-half-hour piece of music called Sun Ships.  My wife Salihah is making art that accompanies it.  We are re-animating, in-depth, a Scandinavian sun-cycle mythology from 3,500 years ago.  We have a work-in-process blog at, where we’ve been posting work as it’s made.