Empty Moon

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Empty Moon

The Shark

Available November 4, 2014 on High Dive Records


After 10 years and 3 LPs, Fourth Of July singer/songwriter Brendan Hangauer left his band, brothers and hometown of Lawrence, Kansas for the golden promise of the Golden State. Settling in Oakland, he teamed up with Jason Quever of Papercuts to record his first solo album as Empty Moon, titled “The Shark”.

A carousel of grainy, intimate slides from desert drives, Antonioni films,

clamorous new surroundings and the oh-so-close ocean, “The Shark” finds a songwriter known for his casual candor watching his past slip away while the present scatters into place.

“I think I see some light at the end of the tunnel,” Hangauer begins the Amber-visioned first single,”75 degrees” – a paean to the mystifying tendency of nice weather to turn mundane moments into snapshots of bliss and treasured memories into trailing vapors. Displaced and rediscovered selves continue threading through “The Shark”, with their ambient impressions clearly captured: “A million reasons you wanted to move/ You said you wouldn’t miss the Seasons/ but now you do,” he concludes on album highlight “Dear Life”.

Produced with an audiophile’s lushness by Quever and featuring the vocals of former bandmate Adrianne Verhoeven (The Anniversary, Dri, Extra Classic), Empty Moon’s “The Shark” is the work of a songwriter doubling down on what he does best: turning a personal travelogue into a shared soundtrack.