“a well-studied blend of goth and New Wave that struck a good balance between concise and atmospheric.” – Chromewaves

Whether delivered from the stage or a set of speakers, an experience with Toronto-based out Decades is akin to that of any artistic significance; you may not recognize what’s happening to you, but you know you don’t want it to stop. And despite the lack of any formal release to their names, Decades have accumulated quite the following simply playing their earnest, ethereal brand of rock and roll to anyone daring enough to dance with them.

Having united in 2010, drummer Peter Gosling, bassist Greg Peters, vocalist Mike Kaminski, and guitarist Justin Lemaire have seen their sound steadily evolve from a pure brand of punk-laced garage rock to something far more expansive and engulng. Reverb-rich bass and guitar melodies moulded from overdriven tubes interplay beautifully atop a driving pulse to frame Kaminski’s frail, seductive, and at times ferocious vocal melodies – all as inviting as they are inventive.

Their sound has captured the attention of a myriad of audiences as they have shared stages alongside acts ranging from Handsome Furs and The Weeknd through to Deerhoof, J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr., and Tribes – all innovators of their respective arts despite their diering surface-level genre labels. Having created a strong buzz, the band toured Canada-wide in 2011 and got chosen to play festivals such as Riandia in Victoria, Hillside in Guelph, and sold out plays at NXNE and Canadian Music Week.

Decades have spent the last year refining their sound and recording the material for their debut release, expected April 2013 on White Girl Records.