Dead Waves


Dead Waves

Teddy Panopoulos – bass, vocals…

Throughout the years I’ve been starting to realize more and more from living in this place (NYC) and being in this so-called community that we just don’t fit in…Anywhere. So I’m thinking I would describe it as outsider/outcast yet self-enlightening music. It’s a record and music telling them we don’t need to belong to any group, community, scene to feel all warm and content, waiting for our smug peers or bullshit friends to pretend to like us so we can justify our existence or creativity. Fuck that, I want the opposite, I want all those people to hate us because they secretly will anyway or as soon as your not hip or whatever they think is intellectual enough they will. Most of those people who need to gravitate towards those things tend to be the biggest fake assholes I’ve ever met and from my experience it’s better being off alone with real people who like your music for you than needing those phonies around anyway.It’s knowing you don’t need them or their fake scene or hypocritical community anyway and paying homage to Nature, which is ourselves and our universal conscious, pretty much what is everything in this physical existence and what we’re all part of a functional cycle – without it, us humans can’t do our madness and whatever adult playing we think is work or making careers, yet we love destroying the only thing that allows us to be dumb humans and do these silly arrogant need to do things that we think we need to do because we think we’re too complacent to want to consciously change.

This record Nature expresses the dichotomy of pain, suffering, death coinciding with love, happiness and life and finding the appreciation and harmony of the two and then growing and moving past it all, taking a step back and observing it and entering a new realm with acceptance. So in a way this record is our appreciation of the para meta meeting of the unknown physical and trying to go somewhere past it all I guess.

So it’s outsider music not caring for any ego scenes or anything meets conscious music trying to pay respect and care for something, which is Nature, which is all, and trying to help it but in the same time move away from it all, which Nature is doing as well and letting them (humans) have it and doing what they want with it – which is ultimately killing themselves, even if they do remain to keep themselves living for millions of years, they will never be alive.