Speedy Ortiz

"Speedy Ortiz aren't 90s throwbacks so much as 90s revisionists: last year's gnarled, tunefully unruly debut EP Sports sounded like Mary Timony fronting Archers of Loaf in a studio whose walls were crumbling around them thanks to the earth-shattering guitar squall... "Ka-Prow!" once again proves these guys don't make false promises: this one's dynamite." – Pitchfork

After too much time freelance writing and watching re-runs in a windowless Brooklyn basement, guitarist and songwriter Sadie Dupuis left New York City for the wilds of Northampton, MA in order to pursue a master’s degree in poetry. In doing so, she began Speedy Ortiz, a self-recorded lo-fi project named after a minor character from the Love and Rockets comic series.[...]