"Ideal Cities features this hard-hitting cut, 'Weird', a honed distillation of the early-90s Seattle dynamics their EP suggested and their strongest track yet. Deftly eschewing much of Vague's blurry fuzz and processed vocals but none of its feedback, noise, or mathy energy, 'Weird' packs even more anxious, no-future punch" – Pitchfork

We started Fan Death Records back in 2009, and ever since, we’ve seen two common tropes frequently pop up courtesy of a specific type of rock critic: the flustered search for an answer to “whatever happened to ROCK MUSIC?” and bold proclamations that “rock music is BACK!” The truth is, few live experiences compete with seeing a great, LOUD rock band, and Roomrunner’s chunky riffs, soaring hooks, and back-to-basics-get-in-the-van attitude just about make them an anomaly in 2013.[...]